Being Reminded That You’ve Wronged Someone…

Has anyone ever been through a season of unforgiveness towards someone?
It’s a dark place to be..

It eats at you day and night, in your soul.
All you can think about it’s how they’ve done you wrong.
It robs your joy and steals your peace.
Unforgiveness even distorts your view of who that person is…

The definition for ANGER is, a strong emotion, rage, fury, outrage and wrath
Unforgiveness is basically a ‘murdering’ in your heart.
The definition for MURDER is, premeditated killing of one human being by another.

And it’s one thing to forgive someone when they come to you and apologize.
Yeah, it’s still a little hard.
But man, it’s another when they take no responsibility for hurting you..

Walking around acting like nothing even ever happened!
Still moving on with life, yet you’re still stuck in the moment..
It’s like, are you kidding me?!

And there are some people out there that TRULY want to forgive their offender..
I’ve been through seasons where I wanted to hold on to the pain and then I’ve been through seasons where I truly just wanted to move forward but couldn’t!
Because you already know that if you keep walking down that road, what the ends gonna look like.
Matthew 18:35 says if you don’t forgive, God will turn you over to the Tormentor…
Ever met the Tormentor? I have.

So I think everybody knows what the word has to say about how important forgiveness is…

Matthew 5; verse 23.
Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something AGAINST YOU, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled with your brother, then come and offer your gift.
If your brother has something against you…

We’re not perfect and we cannot be perfect. We all mess up. Bottom line.
But the way that we treat other people is so important.
I can recall many occasions in my life where I have been fearful or frustrated with a circumstance and I’ve taken it out on people around me.
There have been times that I’ve gone to bed angry and bitter…
It is said that when people are hurting inside they hurt those around them.. and we’ve all hurt from time to time..
Though your first response is very important,
Any time I ever act out of character toward or in front of one of my children, I ALWAYS go back to them personally and make it right!

How many adults do you know that have wounds from their childhood, maybe even including yourself, that traced back to a family member or a parent?
And how many children know how to properly handle those hurts when someone doesn’t come back to them for forgiveness?
Those feelings that they are feeling inside…
The injustice, just because you had a bad day!
I could give a 3-day message on this one…

When Holy Spirit reminds you that you have wronged someone, find a way to go and make it right.
The word of God says that a peacemaker will see God.

This is not to say that if you have a dispute with someone, you are to go and apologize for everything but it does say that if you acted out of line, confess your part and make it right.
Go to them first and don’t expect anything back from them.
Just because you know the truth in this area doesn’t mean that your gonna get your apology in return.
It’s not popular to humble yourself…
What’s popular is going to everyone you know and sharing how the other person did you wrong so that you can justify your actions..
It helps shut out the voice of the Holy Spirit that is telling us what we did was wrong!
It’s popular to act on how WE’RE feeling and to seek OUR Justice.
What is the greatest commandment of them all?

Why do you think it that EVERY SUNDAY MORNING before church we usually have conflict with someone in the home?
We lift our hands in worship as our hearts are filled with murder.
God says I desire Mercy over sacrifice..

Now what if I go to someone and make right what I did wrong and they still act unforgiving towards me?
That’s not your problem!
Our job is to do what we know is right, no matter what their response is.
If your heart and motives are truly repentant, give that seed some time.
Keep planting those little seeds and one day you will have a harvest.
If you’ve got a history of acting harsh, critical and selfish, don’t expect that all the walls are going to come down just because you went and said you were sorry, ONCE.
Give it some time, they need to know they can trust you..
Also, the word says that your Father will reward you for what you have done in secret…
The whole family does not need to know that you went and apologized to Aunt Suzie..
Aunt Suzie will see the change in you and news will get out on your behalf without you having to make it known.

Father open our eyes.
Absolutely nothing is more pleasing to you then a pure heart.
Above any other gift that we can offer to you, you desire restoration and healing..
You desire love, above religious Acts.
Open our ears to hear your voice when you’re leading us to someone.
We want to hear your opinion and not the world’s view of what to do.
And by example, You loved first even while we sinned against you.

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