Taking Personal Someone Elses Junk

I often get offended or take personal, someone elses attitude and I want to be free from that!
Have you ever had a really moody boss that you walk on eggshells around and it almost paralyzes you?
Are your children often being negative Nancys and you just want to hide because you feel like it’s wearing off on you?
Are there people in your life that are never happy with you no matter what you do and it just eats you up inside because you wish for once, they could just be happy and see you for who you are?

I was once told something in a conference that was life changing!
The gentleman ministering to us explained that someone else’s bad mood/attitude, is not your problem, it’s theirs.
Don’t take it personal.

So often what looks like someone rejecting you is often self- rejection.
They don’t like something about themselves or many things, and they take it out on those around them. Just like the saying goes, misery loves company…

How often am I choosing to let someone else’s attitude steal my peace or joy.

I heard a pastor explain how when someone is late, they get angry with everybody on the road for how they are driving when the truth is they are just angry that they are late and if they would learn to be on time, their life will be more peaceful in this area.

So what is it that is really going on inside of people (or us) that we are not seeing?
Oh boy how easy it is to blame someone else for our stuff, our mess ups, our wounds, the pain we feel inside.

What roots and wounds do other people struggle with, where we shut down and grow bitter thru a problem that was not even our own to begin with….
Taking their pain and turning it into our pain.

So now where does responsibility on our parts, come in?
Like what if we really are part of the problem and now we refuse to see it because their problem is just their problem?
This is where communication is so important.
If we recognize our wounds/hurts, insecurities, brokenness, faults, attitudes, etc.
And we are not bring them to the Lord for healing and deliverance then they are just going to sit in our holding tank.
You can try and cover them up or suppress them but that is only a temporary fix.

Not only is it important to communicate with God, but also the individual that you are struggling with.
Ask the Holy Spirit in those moments how to effectively communicate with the individual in a way to where their walls will crumble.
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, I receive what you’re saying and I’m going to work on that.
Ugh that’s so difficult sometimes!
It can be so hard to not get offended and caught up in someone else’s bad attitude, in the moment but, with God’s help and refusing to give in,
You can choose to be blameless, and love. This is such a beautiful thing because they will not be able to blame shift and the Holy Spirit can do His work when you stay out of it.

Many times I feel like God shows me something about me,
in every situation,
even when it was not about me to begin with.
I often ask him, what is it that I can see or learn personally through this?

I feel like if everybody could take their part to God even if they are not the one who started it, we could all grow tremendously!
God uses all things for our good, even conflict.

Most of my life I have been a runner and hider from opposition….. but I want to face it head on and be used by God and away that only he can use me.
I want to be a front line soldier.
I want to see people’s pain and their hearts, instead of seeing a bad attitude because I know that’s how God sees it.
I want to be able to administer God’s love to somebody who is hurting instead of feeling hurt myself.
As long as I go to God and he meets all of my needs emotionally, spiritually, and physically, then I don’t need someone else’s mess to be turned around and used for ME.

Lord these are a few of the desires of my heart.
I know this is your will and I know that you answer prayer.
Mold me, use me and guide me.
Remind me of your truth and open my ears to hear your voice when I get focused on me.
And help me to continually go to you for all of my needs so that I’m not looking everywhere else to have them filled.
You alone satisfy me.
You are all I need.

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